About me

My name is Andreas Gerhard Jr. and Nice that you’re here. How are you today?

Have you ever asked yourself:

“How can I live it in the moment and how does my own self-motivation help me?”

“How can I inspire people for my idea and/or product and overcome my own self-doubt?”

“How do I transform ” NO “or “rejection” into a positive experience?”

“How do I build a network of people who like to help and support each other?”

“How help me a BLOG for connecting people”

Or perhaps simply the question of whether it is possible to escape the daily routines and determine his life?

being-461672_640 Kopie

I believe that NOW is just the right time for you to take your life in your hand? Why do I know? Because it was no different with me. The Internet offers you so many opportunities to develop yourself.

My experience shows me that in every situation of life it is possible to change something. Yes, even to change and learn something new.

My professional career running well and I’m happy with my job since today, but from January 2013 I start to read tons of books and literature on topics such as: online and network marketing, email list building, landing pages, blogs, entrepreneur, motivation, coaching, email marketing, wordpress, hosting, social media marketing, mindset, Attraction Marketing and much more.

I did not sleep for nights, because I could not believe there are people who have managed to built a team of thousands of members and generated a 6-figure turnover for the company and paid up to 5-figure commissions.

And after weeks of sleep deprivation, I decided to start as Internet Entrepreneur

And then the nightmare began. I spend thousands of dollars, bought me all the video tutorials and workshops I found in the internet. Invest Money in all kinds of business ideas and crazy projects. Listened for hours on webinars and podcasts from internet guru’s and experts, and then spend again thousands of dollars.

Result: success rather lean, with the tendency to zero success

You are now asking yourself what happened then. I simply doubled my efforts. I work harder on myself and never gave up believing in myself. I discovered blogging for myself and was allowed to get to know many good networkers, entrepreneur, experts and mentors. They showed me what steps I had to do, re-programming my mindset, taking the pressure out of myself, and going new ways. And suddenly the first small successes came in and I earned the first money on the Internet. My dreams of passive income comes true. And from that point on everything changed for me

Perhaps I could inspire you with this little story about failure and persistence. No matter how you decide, no matter what you do:

“Just burn for your idea or goal, no matter how crazy it sounds at the beginning and just give your best”

All the Best for you and be unstoppable

Andreas Gerhard Jr
P.S. Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up

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