How do you create the perfect network-marketing Blog?

10 Step’s for your perfect Networking Blog 

To present your own enterprise to other people online can make you not only proud but is also a great decision with regards to an entrepreneurial point of view. Making money online is thus made easy and network-marketing is becoming more and more popular. If you’re ready to create your very own marketing Blog online, then you have come to the right website. These 10 steps are not just useful tips, but crucial for the creation of an absolutely perfect network-marketing blog.

Step no. 1 – Why?

It doesn’t have to be so difficult to make money online! The most important question in network-marketing probably is: „Why?“. Why do you want all that? Someone who knows his personal „why“, his personal motivation, has already made it halfway through. You have to be absolutely determined and know your reasons and goals, so you can find motivation even during the hardest of times. The „why“ is the key question to never giving up and staying true to your goals. By the way: This applies also to all other areas of life and should be answered in the very first place! You should also write these points down as a plan. And you should stick to that plan to reach perfection in the content of your network marketing blog, come what may!

Step no. 2 – Uniqueness for making money online

Your so called USP, short for „unique selling proposition“, is the one thing that makes you unique and distinctive. In short, USP is what makes you different from everybody else out there and what makes you special! You are unique and you should show that. Maybe your visitors have experienced a similar situation? Maybe they can relate to you and your position and empathise with your point of view? All this makes you „unique“. Your experiences, abilities and specialties are distinctive and can help others.

Step no. 3 – Understanding your target audience!

This is where market analysis starts. You should also look into your competitors and see what you could maybe improve. What are the current trends? What do your customers expect from you? Who is your target audience actually supposed to be? What do they think like? Try to put yourself into these people’s position. If you can’t achieve that, you won’t be able to understand them either. How would you be able to help them in that case? This step is mainly about identifying your focus in order to come up with solutions. Maybe even e-books and videos can help you with the perfect content for your network-marketing blog.

Step no. 4 – Define yourself!

This step is highly important because it defines your target audience and your focus. You shouldn’t create too much of a common place blog that deals with generic topics like beauty, wellness or health. Maybe you’re dealing in products that help people with skin conditions? Then your blog should relate specifically to this topic instead of dealing with general skin health. Why do these skin problems arise? What could be possible causes? What kind of treatments are there and what kind of psychological strains could they cause? And of course also: Why can especially your products help these people? How can they help? In your case, you can answer all these questions in your blog and give people all the relevant information about your products.
You can also narrow your target audience down, for example: Skin problems in adults or skin problems during pregnancy. You’re narrowing down your target audience by doing that but for that very group you’ll be the perfect contact.

Step no. 5 – It’s all about you!

Your whole concept, your MLM business, your plans, and all that are absolutely negligible at first. These means will help you very much at a later stage, but only once visitors really want you as a sponsor. First, it’s all about being able to help other people.
The line of business is irrelevant at first. You can do it by offering videos, e-books etc. After all, you don’t want to chase people in order to persuade them of your idea, but you want people to come to you and your business. They should find themselves again in your words and should feel connected to you. People who help others or can help with a specific problem are much more successful. That has been seen online again and again. No matter in what field, customers always go to the vendors who can advertise their products in a convincing and credible manner, and thus prove that they can understand these people. A customer always wants a sponsor he can trust and who really knows his way around the area.

Step no. 6 – The Blog

After having worked your way through the first steps and having understood them, you can finally begin with your blog. Now you should think about a domain and choose your host. With f.e. you can create your website in an easy way and thus the perfect network-marketing blog content.

Step no. 7 – The blogging basics

In order to erect a successful marketing business online you naturally have to know the basics for that. Here on my blog, you’ll find a lot of information on that. If you’re willing to invest some patience and time in the matter, you’ll learn the basics relatively quickly and easily. It’s all about interest and love for the project!

Step no. 8 – Give you customer some surplus!

Once you know your basics, you can create your content. That content should ALWAYS give your visitors some additional value. Texts, pictures, e-books and videos as well as other means are your tools for reaching that goal.

Step no. 9 – E-Mail lists

The personal e-mail list is especially important for your success. More than 90 percent of users, who visit a website while surfing, leave it again within just a few seconds.

However, if you know your visitors’ e-mail-addresses, you can also inform them about new content or new products.

Step no. 10 – Social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co. are particularly useful when it comes to marketing! In social networks, people can share information within just a few seconds and thus give them to other people. That way you enlarge your network and reel in new customers. Thus your business can grow quickly very easily. Social networks are crucial to the acquisition of new customers and potential buyers on your blog. You should never underestimate that kind of potential!

With these tips you should be able to create the perfect network-marketing blog content. By network-marketing, making money online becomes possible, but you should always keep in mind the help you can give to other people by doing that, too.

All the Best for you

Andreas Gerhard Jr
P.S. Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up

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