10 tips of motivation for self-employees and freelancers

In these days there are a lot of possibilities for self-employed people and freelancers to make money online. In the most cases it isn’t very difficult to decide for a fitting field of work. More complicated is it for self-employed people to find the right motivation for the frequent completion of the online work. After years in the same job or on stressful days it is very important to use the right motivating options to fulfill the tasks at hand with vigor and the necessary devotion.
To make it easier there are different tips of motivation for self-employees and freelancers, which can be used to be better prepared for work. In the following paragraphs will be 10 of those tips be displayed, which are suited for different situations or can be used in combination so that self-employed people and freelancers can gain a higher self-motivation.

Different types of motivation:
Before explaining the best 10 tips to gain a self-motivation, it is important to know what different types of motivation there are. There are two variations to differ. The first one is the “extrinsic motivation”. The motivations in this connection comes from rewards, which are given for completed tasks. In the field of online-work these rewards are money paid to the self-employees and freelancers for finishing their work. On the other hand there are so called “intrinsic motivations”. The motivation results here not from getting any rewards but from the fun or the joy created by doing this work. Therefor this kind of motivation can only be used with tasks, which promise some sort of fun or satisfaction for the self-employer.

The 10 different tips of motivation for self-employed people of freelancers:

1  The exact planning of the daily routine:

It is a good tip of motivation to plan the daily routine in advance. With this the freelancers or self-employees can determine exactly when it is time for work and when they’ve got time off. On this way every working-day can be managed, which will result in structured daily routines. But depending of the load of work it is important to include enough time so that it won’t be to stressful.

2  Determine a deadline for the work:

In some cases self-employed people don’t get a deadline told by their clients for completing a task. In those cases the freelancers should determine an own deadline according to their own perceptions and possibilities. This will prevent any delays and the client won’t need to wait for his order to long.

3  Creating the right working atmosphere:

A very important point among the tips of motivation is the right working atmosphere. In most cases the self-employees work at home on their PC or in a resembling office. Therefore no distractions should be allowed in these work-spaces. Without them the freelancers can concentrate better on the task at hand and complete it at a faster pace.

4  Deciding on the right professional aims:

Those who want to make money online should have resembling goals on how their career as freelancers or self-employees should proceed. That helps to motivate oneself to take the next step on the ladder to success. For example one of these goals could be to improve one’s income over the next year so that a fixed amount of money can be saved every month. Important for this tip to work is finding realistic goals and taking small steps to reach them. Determining an unrealistic or hardly reachable goal can also quick become demotivating.

5  Motivating through feedback:

An employee gets mostly feedback from his colleagues or his boss so that he can estimate his own efforts. Therefor as a self-employee or freelancer can it be useful to ask for a honest feedback from friends, clients or partners. A positive response can be beneficial. For instance might it become easier to uncover own weaknesses. Preventing those weaknesses or improving the own work can also be quite motivating.

6  Celebrating every success

It is also a tip of motivation for self-employed people and freelancers to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments in a working-life. A successfully completion of a assignment or the recruitment of new clients can be used as an example. How to celebrate accomplishments of these kinds is up for the self-employees or the freelancers to decide for themselves. In some cases it could be enough to praise oneself and take a few minutes to visualize the success.

7  The contact with other self-employees:

Especially at the beginning of the self-employment can be problems with the work or the clients, which for newly freelancers might look unsolvable. In those cases can it be helpful and motivating to talk to other colleagues and to share tips, experiences and tricks. On this way a solution for a problem can quicker be found and with new motivation the work can proceed.

8  Looking for cooperation:

An other tip of motivation for self-employees is it not to work alone on projects all the time. Even freelancers can form groups to work on bigger assignments more efficiently. The cooperation with friends or colleagues is in most cases very beneficial for the tasks at hand.

9  Getting over a motivation-low:

In every field of work there comes a time, when the employees ask themselves whether they are prepared for the upcoming challenges or whether their ideas are any good at all. Such a motivation-low can cost much time and energy. Therefor it is important to get out of this low as fast as possible and to find new motivation. It can be helpful to visualize own goals and to question one’s own motives. With this the new motivation can be cultivated to get the job done. Still, self-employed people shouldn’t keep bad or uncompleted ideas for to long. This also means that from time to time it might be necessary to dispose of an idea and to direct the own attention and motivation to an other division of work.

10  Motivation through money:

Money shouldn’t be the most important thing while working as a self-employee or freelancer. But it is recommended to have an eye on the finances all the time. Getting money acknowledges a freelancer in his work. Also an adequate good income will bring independence and carefreeness. Therefore self-employees can concentrate better on their work. Additionally the income finances the leisure time, which is the best possibility to regain energy and motivation for the upcoming work.

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All the Best for you

Andreas Gerhard Jr
P.S. Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up

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