Seven steps to happiness

Many times we’re think where is the happiness. Thereby are just only seven steps they’re lead to it. Happiness is such at hink that often can´t be planned. Some people try to earn it. They believe that only those can be really happy, which is always working hard for it. This article will show you how you can be much happier in only seven steps.

Seven steps that bring you to happiness

Steps to your happiness: What counts for you is here and now. You should not waste your time unnecessarily by building castles in the air. That will not work. You just have to live in nowadays and not depend on what the future will bring. Don´t put off that happiness is waiting somewhere forward. Your life is very stressful because you give everything to plan something great for the future. But think about, it is really worth to stretch your life today so.

How you can find happiness

The first step: Listen to your feelings carefully and to yourself. If your friends needs a helping hand you are always there for them for your friends, but if you have a problem yourself, it gets complicated, because you have a specifically approach at you. Now one can only recommend you – is not to be so strictly to yourself, also accept your own proposals.

The second step to your happiness: Don´t only think of work. You have to know that you deserve probably a break. Allow yourself a break. You can only find your luck really if you enjoy living. So it lies only in you whether if the luck is nearly. Also small things can help you. If you like to drink a cup of coffee then indulge in it, don´t hold off to a later time. Enjoy the summer, simply lie down in the sun and be good to yourself. Many other good ideas can cross your mind, you only have to realise them at this moment, you must completely rise at the moment and also can replace them. Do not waste your time for the tarpaulins.

The third step to your happiness: Have a look again which objectives you have set, please. You are already imagine in the future. Every person has certain ambitions in his life. Everyone would like to achieve these aims with pleasure. Would you like to stint yourself today really and perhaps feel much more unhappier? Is that worthwhile? Only you have the answers to this by yourself.

The fourth step to your happiness: You take seriously yourself certainly to, you don´t need to. But this is not so easy as it´s called. You always want that life goes like that way you had introduced before. However, this is not so easy. The world will also exist without you. Life does not keep to your plan. You should know – nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, however, they will be forget in a little while.

The fifth step to your happiness: Do you have a general view about your daily routine?
Every evening you should make note what the day brought to you. Absolute keep something positive in your mind if it was just one fraction. In this way you are able to learn appreciate even little things. If the sun don´t starts to shine on you again another time, read your notes und then you will feel much better.

The sixth step: check off and check off. Your tasks will never end but you should see them as a challenge and enrichment.

The seventh step to your luck: Always choose the right tempo. You don´t have to be too swift, because then you will be much exhausted after a short time. You can compare the life to the long-distance run: The forces have to be portioned in a right case, look around you to be up on.

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All the Best for You

Andreas Gerhard Jr
P.S. ” Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up “

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