10 tips to motivate yourself and use this knowledge for your own self-motivation

Do you sometimes find it hard to motivate yourself? Hope with these 10 useful tips you will succeed to learn some art’s of self-motivation

Many of us push upcoming tasks in front of us forever. And whenever we’re about to do what we set out to do, it suddenly seems more important to clean the house, take the roof tidy or read an inspiring book. If you learn more about art’s of self-motivation, here are some amazing advice for you:

Tip 1: Clarify what really needs to be done at the beginning

Before you set yourself a task, you should be realise about the following:

Become aware of whether it really needs to be done?

This sound strange perhaps, but sometimes we block ourselves against a task because we unnoticed feel that the task is not so important, that it is unnecessary, or that someone else should do it.

Therefore, at the beginning, make a clear decision for or against this task. Maybe you can delegate it? Maybe it really isn’t that important? If Yes, then let it go. But if you have to do something, then make a conscious and clear decision for this task! Then do it

Tip 2: Find out what motivates you and use this knowledge for your own self-motivation

What motivates you most? Appreciation? Money? When a task is challenging your-self? When you can work with others? When you can work at a nice place? When you can work outside? What exactly is it that you feel attracted to?

Each of us has certain things that motivate us and each of us has things that demotivate us. The challenge now is to find out what motivates and demotivates us. Often the key to success is, when we find out which of them we like or dislike

If you know what motivates you, then you can approach the tasks with joy. Suppose you have to write a new blog article or about a specific subject and you know that you prefer to work in a team. Then you can ask friends or group of specialists about the topic if they would like to help you with these.

The point is that you can shape your own tasks. Do it according to your needs. If you know what motivates you, you can use this knowledge for self-control.

Tip 3: Self-motivation through visualization

If you want to motivate yourself for a task, then imagine in you how you can do the task with joy and passion. Imagine this with bright colours and think of the moment when you finished this task – how good you feel and how proud you are, because you have it done.

Positive visualizations help you to motivate yourself, but also is necessary in the same time to visualize the obstacles you see on the way to your goal. For your maximally promotes your motivation you need to combine the visualize positive fantasies + obstacles for your self-motivation.

Tip 4: Watch your inner voice

Do not permanently tell yourself that you e.g. “cannot focus” or that you “will never succeed in this task”. So you reprogram yourself to have no desire to fail or to be further dismotivated. If you can’t switch off your thoughts, write them on a piece of paper and then tear it apart. This is a cleansing ritual that can free us from embarrassing thoughts.

Much more better: tell yourself that the “task is fun,” that it is “done pretty quickly,” or that it is “a big piece of chocolate. Even if you don’t believe in it, you program your subconscious mind into the new useful thought processes and these thoughts are already internalized.

Tip 5: Motivate by rewarding

Many people are motivated by rewards. You too?

If Yes, then use this. You can also look ahead to rewards for tasks you’ve completed – such as a specific book, a visit to the cinema, a massage or a few tickets for the next theatre. Choose things you really love or would like to do. Say to yourself, “When I’ve finished these 3 task’s, I’ll buy the book I’ve been looking for so long” or “When I’ve passed this course successfully, I’ll reward myself with a wonderful dinner “.

Write down what you will reward yourself with precisely for what and most importantly, never cheat yourself out of your reward.
That means: ” What you promise to yourself, you must 100% absolutely keep.”

Tip 6: Create your fake time pressure

Do you know? Human beings are motivated by a deadline.

When the time pressure increases, they can suddenly get to work without trouble or problems. Take benefit of this by setting yourself deadlines for your todo list.

Put such appointments in your calendar like other business appointments. Talk to others about it and stick them to your pinboard, Notebook or fridge. These self-imposed appointments are powerful if you are serious and honest with yourself, and don’t underestimate their power.

For greater goals, it makes sense to split the task into subtasks and make an appointment with yourself for each subtask. This ensures that you don’t start a task three days before your deadline that normally takes three weeks to finished

Tip 7: Create action plans for long term projects

We are often unmotivated because we cannot predict how long a project will take and what is in store for us. So our projects often seem far too big and therefore hardly achievable. That is why you should draw up concrete action plans.

Write down the steps you need to take to achieve the goal. Keep it short and focused. Writing your todo list down and thoughts down will help you also to recognize where the prioities are going.

Tip 8: Create a schedule for the current day

If we you are able to oversee your tasks in the morning, it is much easier for you to start at all. This is why, we should draw up a work plan in the morning for the day ahead. Describe what you want to do, how much time you will need (+ buffer time) and if needed the reward for a particular task.

Put the uncomfortable tasks at the start of the day so that you will soon have them done and ready to go to the next task. Cross out all finished tasks so that you can see that you are making some progress. What you cannot do, move into the following day.

Tip 9: Say thank you to yourself

We are not always motivated if we don’t get a lot of recognition back. But you cannot expect somebody always shout out loud ” WELL DONE ” when you have done a task.

In any case if you finished a task and keep yourself motivated, you should appreciate your efforts. Celebrate once when you have completed an uneasy or big task. Celebrate yourself. You can also tell your partner or friend this. Enjoy for sharing with someone your finished task or project.

If you finish your completed tasks so positively, you will surely feel much more like starting your text task. You will then combine it with something wonderful.

Tip 10: Nothing can motivate you right now, what can you do?

There are times when nothing helps. Not a single tip motivates you, nothing can inspire you.

Then there is simply nothing to do. Before you spend hours sitting in front of your work and still cannot do anything, you simply should quit on such days. Stop early, if possible (you may have a few hours of overtime or you may have flexi-time). You can do something different. Allow you to take some time out. Import: Without any bad guilt.

There are simply these days when you can’t get up to do anything. Use such a time for yourself and make the the best of it.

As you know: ” Sharing is Caring ” 

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All the Best for you 

Andreas Gerhard Jr
P.S. Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up

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