This Rules will help you how to create a very good life for yourself

A life rich in joy, love, sense, satisfaction, inspiration and freedom. Wouldn’t that be nice for you?

Build a self-determined life with full self-realisation and freedom in the things you do. Have you ever asked before: A life that really suits you? A life in which you have what you need ? How can I live in the present here and now? A life in which you really feel at home? How can I self-motivate me every day? A life where you are important? A life where you can be as you are?

If you follow these rules you have a good chance of a good life.

1) You have a right to be happy

Your happiness and prosperity is just as much as anybody else’s. You are allowed to do what you want to do and look for your happy life. That’s your privilege.

2) Things you Love

To enjoy success and happiness in life, means to value things you love. Because a good and successful Life is a life full of love.

3) Be connected with you

Maintain a close connection with you and your feelings and needs. Only when you have a good connection to yourself can you feel the love in your life that surrounds you daily.

4) Only you are responsible for yourself

Don’t expect anyone to make you happy. Only you are responsible for yourself. It is your own responsibility to make sure you have a good life.

5) Take care of yourself now

Postponing is a big obstacle to a good life. So don’t wait and see what you can do today. Small steps are enough

6) Start with small steps

Every great change begins with a first little step. Therefore start today with a small positive change and you will quickly see that this will be the beginning of a positive and lasting improvement.

7) Ask yourself smart questions

Asking yourself what you need will bring you closer to your goal for a good life. What do I want more? What do I want to achieve? What do I need to achieve? How could I get there? Who could support me?

8) There is no guarantee

You know always only afterwards, whether something is good or not so good. Don’t wait till you’re sure, because you’ll wait a long time and nothing happen

9) Find your thing where you’re needed

Find something where you like to do and what you really love and burn for it. Something, what you want to get up for in the morning

10) Take care of you

To live a good life is exhausting and for that you need strength. Therefore make sure you have power, energy and physical fitness.

11) Cause of failure is normal

If you fail, tell yourself it’s normal. This was to be expected. So get up again and again and don’t give up. You remember about this: Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up

12) It is better together

You need other people and others need you. That’s why
You care about others. And allow others to
to take care of you.

13) Fill your life with love

We cannot have control over a lot of things in life, but we can have self-control over how much love we accept in our lives.

14) Stop trying to compare yourself to others

Happiness cannot be measured by a bank account, a large private house or a smart car. Happiness is inside and you have to be aware of it every day.

15) Surround yourselves with happy people

Surround you with joyful people who live with thankfulness and you will see that your life will also be more joyful. When you are happy, you will attract other people. Happiness creates happiness and Positivity creates positivity.

16) Every day a good deed

Give more than you’re taking. Donate a little, help old people in everyday life, get involved in a charitable community. Just try to do something good once a day without getting a reward for it.

17) Live here and now

Live in the here and now. Try to enjoy the moment every day and concentrate on what you are doing right now. Be aware of what you are doing right now

18) Don’t reward yourself with valuables

When you buy something new, it brings you joy for a number of days until you need the next new toy. It is a never-ending loop of chasing things.

19) Try to forgive every day

To forgive is the elixir of the soul. Forgive yourself. Forgive other people. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. We all fall down. We all fail sometimes and need forgiveness.

20) Do not act to get recognition

We all enjoy being respected and rewarded for our efforts and achievements. But this should not be your motivation. Do not make your personal happiness dependent on external confirmation.

21) Be open to change, but never reveal your values

There is no stopping change, even if we sometimes want it so much. The stronger we resist the harder it will be for us to make the change easy

22) Face up to your fears

This is not about not being scared of something, because everyone is afraid of something. It is crucial that you do not let these fears control and block you.

23) Make your own decisions

Decisions are always made – either by yourself or by someone else for you. However difficult a decision may be, it is always better to make important decisions yourself.

24) Concentrate on the positive

Many people have difficulties with optimism, instead their thoughts often revolve around worries, problems, difficulties, dangers. Focus on the beautiful sides of life, the good news, the positive that surrounds you. And be thankful for what you have already achieved.

25) Be more relaxed with problems

Many people waste a whole life time being disappointed or frustrated. Only to recognize at the end that Anger doesn’t change anything. Do not focus on anger, but spend your time and energy on the really important things in life.

As you know: ” Sharing is Caring ” 

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All the Best for you 

Andreas Gerhard Jr
P.S. Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up

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