14 ways to survive a bad day

No sales today, boss is in a bad mood, it’s raining, your favorite show is cancelled, quarrel with a loved one, traffic jam on the highway …

These are the days when we want to stay in bed and never get out. Usually this is not possible for us of course. But don’t let such days discourage you. Every day should always be a good day for you.

Here some few tips how you can survive such days.

1) Don’t take it personally

On bad days it is often thought that only one person is affected. But this is not the case, because everyone else around you also has bad days. That is quite normal in our everyday life

2) Understand your bad mood

If we feel bad, our body will send us a message. Often it is a warning that you need a break and rest. Listen to your body and understand that it can’t always run the way you want it to.

3) The positive review of the day

Negative experiences usually also have something instructive about them, can even be a valuable experience. If you take the time in the evening to think about your bad day you will notice that many small positive moments. Stick to this celebration and you will notice that you are feel a little better.

4) You can listen to music that makes you happy

Music can have a big impact on our emotions. So a sad song can make your mood melancholic and that would only support the negative feelings. Listen to music you like and know that it brings you a good mood.

5) Go out and get some fresh air

A walk in the park can help you to change your mind. The fresh air also helps to clear your head. Being outdoors on such a day is much better than sitting around at home.

6) Stopping the negative thinking

On bad days, we also tend to see everything badly. We also close ourselves to those moments that have something positive. Try not to be overwhelmed by the bad thought. Concern yourself with positive thoughts or think of something beautiful and you will see soon you will feel a little better.

7) Stay positive

Everybody gets a bad day, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. It helps to believe that a bad day will pass and a good day will follow. Don’t doubt yourself and stay positive

8) Take a nap

Sleep, even if it is only ten minutes, has many positive effects. It provides new energy, orders thoughts and provides the necessary peace and relaxation. It is also sufficient if you allow yourself 10 minutes of rest and simply close your eyes. At this point it is important to simply take some time for yourself.

9) Meet with your friends

Talking to others about your worries and feeling that you are not alone with problems is a wonderful way to get better thoughts. If you look at things together, you will find a suitable solution for problems or conflicts more quickly.

10) Make sure you keep things tidy

Clean up on bad days? Cleaning up on such days can have a positive effect on our thoughts. It’s very helpful to get rid of old loads and the chaos on the desk or in your home. You will see that quickly a good mood spreads within you.

11) Do some workouts

Running, swimming, football or cycling, no matter which sport you have chosen. Exercise will do you good. Of course it is very hard to motivate yourself on such days, but in the end it will be worth it.

12) Just let it all out

Sometimes it’s just time to get rid of the anger you’ve got. One possibility would be to let out a loud scream in a private place where only you are. You will see that you feel much better afterwards and get a clear head again.

13) Try it with a smile

Research results have confirmed that happiness hormones are released when smiling. It sounds so simple, but in fact smiling immediately makes you happier. It doesn’t matter whether you smile for joy or for no reason. Try it and you’ll see how quickly a bad day can turn into a good one.

14) Do something good for yourself

A nice meal with a loved one, taking a bath, a relaxing massage, a favourite book, a favourite film? A bad day can also turn into a good one if you do something good for yourself. In this way your negative thoughts are driven away and replaced by positive emotions. It is amazing, but it also helps someone to help, this will also cause positive feelings in you, too.

As you know: ” Sharing is Caring ” 
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All the Best for you 

Andreas Gerhard Jr
P.S. Not the beginning is rewarded, but always the keeping up

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